5 Key steps to manage diversity within organizations

In previous posts, we highlighted the importance of diversity and inclusion within organizations. In recent years, data shows that 70% of organizations see diversity as an asset to face their competitors. Several publications and case studies have proven that, indeed, diversity in the workplace brings benefits such as: Promoting innovation and creativity within work teams […]

Microsexism: 4 years, 4 lessons

I invite you all to analize the way you speak to the children around you and their reactions. You’d be surprised at your own biases.

Diversity and Inclusion: The Change

Change does not visit patients. Change will not come to get you off the couch. Change does not arrive by express mail . Change is not either an old friend to meet again. YOU are the change. BE the change

Welcome Lucia Balducci

The Crownz Project is in luck! 2021 has brought lots of news and one of them has a name of its own: Lucia Balducci

Diversity and Inclusion: Why now?

In recent years, many factors have made pro-diversity policies and initiatives more relevant to organizations. In this article, we will analyze three factors that have gained resonance due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Fall forward

I couldn’t have imagined that the window that opened would be bigger than the door they had closed in my face. What did I learn from all of that?

To work SEATED

Let’s make inclusion an option for businesses, for administrations, for society. Let’s make it an option for ALL.