Welcome Lucia Balducci

The Crownz Project is in luck! 2021 has brought lots of news and one of them has a name of its own: Lucia Balducci

It is our pleasure to count on her translation services, so our content can be read in another language without losing our essence in neither of them. Wanna know more about Lucia?

Lucia Balducci graduated with honors in English Studies at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. During her years in Barcelona, she specialized in translating screenplays, which led her to work in Los Angeles for some time.

She currently lives in Buenos Aires, where she works as an independent translator for publishing houses, news outlets and companies from Argentina, Spain and the US, collaborating regularly with companies such as elDiario.es and Wikimedia Argentina. Her latest literary translation is the Spanish version of Reefer Madness, published by Autsaider Comics (Majorca, Spain).

She is also a screenwriter; her latest script is based on the real-life of French mathematician Sophie Germain. The script not only portrays Germain’s struggle to pursue her passion for exact sciences but also explores the role of scientists and intellectuals during turbulent times.

Welcome aboard, Lucia!