Be the Change

Every person owns a story, a purpose, a lesson learnt. “Be the Change” allows us to listen to those voices and experiences and give them the value they deserve. We will discover how to be inspired by the most distant heroes and the closest ones, those people with whom we cross paths each morning without noticing them. By getting to know them, we may also discover something about ourselves.

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Crownz International is an organization founded by Sheryl Sandberg (Facebook's COO) following the success of her eponymous book, Lean In. She created it to empower women to achieve their ambitions. How? Together. Through the circles.
Crownz International is one of them. We support and empower each other, and we share experiences and knowledge to achieve our goals. Crownz International represents a diverse and international community with a common port, Barcelona, ​​and one goal: to grow together.    

You can learn more about Lean In and our circle by clicking here.